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  1. Thanks for posting these pics…
    These are extremely helpful.
    I am fresher of 2015 IT .
    Thanks once again!!!!

  2. Aman Dhattarwal

    August 8, 2015 at 11:59 AM

    Thanks a lot seniors 🙂
    I m a fresher from IT-1
    Very helpful notes

  3. I feel hugely indebted to you. I am a fresher of 2015 coe and was so confused as to study and formulate a study path. I felt lost and thanks to you, I

  4. Thank u so much for these notes. 🙂
    I m a fresher of ICE 2015
    and finding these notes really very much helpful.

  5. I am suneet Thakur of ECE 2015 batch .Thanks and sincere gratitude to my Seniors who have posted these notes ,which are quite useful and helpful.

  6. words are less to express our gratitude and thankfullness for the wonderfull work that you guys did. college space is a life saver !!

  7. I am an ICE fresher and I am in love with these notes and collegespace. ^_^

  8. Please allow us to print these notes.

  9. Plz arrange notes for ME Dept also… We will need it

  10. Thenkz guyz for this solitiun
    Your help is very aprricited

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